Stampestuen plays forgotten songs about strong personalities with captivating life stories. On their debut album, “Brev fra Amerika” (Letters from America), they interpreted songs by and about Norwegians who migrated to America. Their new album, “Bak lås og slå” (Behind bars), is dedicated to songs about individuals that, for various reasons, ended up as enemies of society in 19th century Norway. Some of these songs recount the lives of burglars that have become legends in Norwegian history, but most of the songs address topics such as a nomadic lifestyle, child poverty and social norms in 19th century Norway.  

The members of Stampestuen are well established musicians in the Norwegian jazz and traditional music scenes and share a common interest in old songs and stories. Through their arrangements and use of instruments they emphasize the lyrics, aiming to bring historical events closer to modern audiences.  

  • Beate Børli Løkken: vocals, dulcimer 
  • Anders Lillebo: guitar, harmonica, vocals 
  • Jon Hjellum Brodal: fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, vocals 
  • Marius Graff: guitar, vocals, resonator guitar, banjo 

Foto: Sigurd Ytre-Arne

Bak lås og slå (2022)
TeleGram Records TGR002

Jon Hjellum Brodal


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