MOJNA, previous Eriksson/Myhr/Malmström, is a Swedish/Norwegian trio that plays newly composed, Nordic folk music on guitar, Hardanger fiddle and clarinet/bass clarinet. The trio has established an exciting musical voice using elements of improvisation and voicing based on counterpoint techniques. In this project, guitarist and composer Thomas Eriksson highlights the guitar as a melodic instrument and provides space for sounds and free improvisation. Helga Myhr (Hardanger fiddle) is a member of Kvedarkvintetten and Morgonrode, and Anna Malmström (clarinet) has toured with Sallyswag, GKN5, World Band, Ale Möllers Zenomania, and Erik Dahl Ensemble, to name a few. 

  • Thomas Eriksson: acoustic guitar 
  • Helga Myhr: Hardanger fiddle 
  • Anna Malmström: clarinet, bass clarinet 

Foto: Fredrik Fridlund

För sola skin’ på tak (2022)
Heilo/Grappa Musikkforlag HCD7382

Thomas Eriksson 


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