Marja Mortensson (Saepmie/Norway) is one of the world’s foremost performers of traditional South and Ume Saami yoiks. The unique soundscape created by her trio stems from a deep understanding and adherence to the traditional yoiks and their melodies. Together with tuba player Daniel Herskedal and drummer Jakop Jansønn they collaborated with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and released the Grammy Award winning album Raajroe – The Reindeer Caravan (2021). The ancient yoik is always to be found as the foundation and makes the continuing line of ancestral voices merge with our modern soundscapes. 

  • Marja Mortensson: joik, vocals  
  • Daniel Herskedal: tuba, bass trumpet  
  • Jakop Janssønn: drums 

Foto: Jørn Kristensen

Raajroe – The Reindeer Caravan (2021)
Veadta VEA09

Tinka Steinhoff

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