The group Madam Jam consists of seven folk musicians from Norway who explore new instrumentation in Norwegian traditional music. The combination of banjo, guitars, fiddle, diatonic accordion, and double bass is unusual in the Norwegian context and may be reminiscent of American bluegrass or Irish folk music. The tunes, composed by Steinar Odde, Øyvind Sandum and Pål Bratås, have clear references to Norwegian “gammaldans”, but at the same time challenge traditional elements such as rhythm and harmony. 

  • Steinar Odde: banjo, dobro 
  • Øyvind Sandum: accordion, diatonic accordion 
  • Pål Bratås: accordion, diatonic accordion 
  • Bjørn Kåre Odde: fiddle, viola 
  • Gro Visdal: double bass 
  • Kjartan Haugen Foss: guitar 
  • Geir Byre: guitar 

Foto: Solveig Brekke Hauknes

van danse (2023)
Melovitten MV610

Bjørn Kåre Odde

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