The duo of Anders Lillebo and Sigrid Stubsveen play folk music from Engerdal, Norway. 

Located in the eastern part of Østerdalen near the Swedish border, Engerdal is an area with a rich and unique folk music heritage. The barren surroundings that, for hundreds of years, have marked people’s lives in the area are reflected in the local folk music’s driving rhythms and utter rawness. 

Engerdal natives Anders and Sigrid carry on this musical heritage with great respect for the tradition. They present folk music from Engerdal in ensemble form, in an unveiled manner, proving that this music is as relevant today as it has ever been. 

  • Anders Lillebo: pump organ, harmonica 
  • Sigrid Stubsveen: fiddle 

Foto: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Engerdal (2021)
Ta:lik TA236

Anders Lillebo

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