Julie Alapnes has made her mark as a fiddler, and you can tell her apart from others due to her strong signature sound as an instrumentalist. She is well known for her presence on stage, where she delivers beautiful compositions while carrying on the tradition of folk music from the North of Norway. The fiddle and her music has brought Julie to every nook and cranny of Norway as well as giving her wings to cross borders: to Galle Music Festival in Sri Lanka, the Opera House of Cairo, Shetland Folk Festival, Celtic Connections in Glasgow, as well as Folk Baltica and Trønderfestivalen, among others. Several of her compositions have been recorded by other artists; for instance, “Julies vals” and “Arnt Ivars polska” have been released by French, Canadian and Scottish artists.  

  • Julie Alapnes: fiddle, vocals 
  • Halvard Rundberg: wood organ, guitar 
  • Petter Carlsen: baritone guitar, vocals 
  • Aleksander Kostopoulos: drums 

Foto: Julie Pike

Helleristning (2022)
Ta:lik TA250

Julie Alapnes

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