Ingunn Bjørgo is a Norwegian composer and award-winning diatonic and chromatic accordion player. She is inspired by Scandinavian and Irish folk music, as well as Dutch balfolk. Her music has reached large audiences, both in Norway and abroad. Recent examples are Allsang på grensen (2020), as well as concerts in Asker Kulturhus (2023) and the Rudolstadt festival in Germany (2023). She has released six albums of her own music. Her compositions have also been used in film and TV productions and by artists such as Helene Bøksle, Trygve Skaug and Gaute Ormåsen. Ingunn’s music has not only raised interest beyond Norway, but has also been recognized beyond the folk music genre. According to Dagbladet’s review of “Huskelappen” in 2015, “Bjørgo’s playing should convince even die-hard accordion sceptics of the expressive power of which this much-maligned instrument is capable, when in the right hands”. 

  • Ingunn Bjørgo: diatonic accordion, accordion 
  • Sindre Tronrud: Hardanger fiddle 
  • Jostein Hillestad: bass 
  • Åsmund Reistad: guitar, mandolin 

Foto: Knut Utler

Borderland – Grenseland (2007)
AskerLadden Kulturverksted ASKCD04 

Ingunn Bjørgo

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