GKN5 creates modern interpretations of the unique music tradition from Tovdal, captivating both pulsating dance floors and fiddle enthusiasts. Since their debut in 2018 the group has released two albums and toured the major festivals and venues of Northern Europe. GKN5 recreates the rawness of the legendary fiddler Salve Austenå, forming Austenå’s tunes into instrumental contemporary ensemble music. It is more than arrangements and compositions—it is a way of listening and co-creating in the moment as if being one. Bridging time and space, GKN5 connects endless generations of Norwegian fiddlers and musicians to contemporary audiences. The mission of the group is to once and for all make the music of Tovdal into the most popular dance music on earth. 

  • Guro Kvifte Nesheim: Hardanger fiddle 
  • Jens Linell: tambourine 
  • Anna Malmstrom: clarinet & bass clarinet 
  • Thomas Eriksson: 12-string guitar 
  • Anna Gustavsson: keyed fiddle 

 Foto: Per Brehmer

Tri hjarter på ei snor (2020)
Taragot Sounds Taragot24

Guro Kvifte Nesheim


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