Camilla Hole Trio plays traditional folk music primarily from the west coast of Norway, while also featuring newly composed music written by Hole. The musicians have backgrounds in jazz and improvised music and play instruments not normally associated with Norwegian folk music. Their instruments and their musical preferences form their interpretations of the traditional tunes that have been passed down by musicians over many generations. In 2018 they released their debut album titled «Halvemål«, and now they continue their journey with the release of «Eventyrferd» featuring Sigrid Moldestad and Torstein Slåen. 

  • Camilla Hole: saxophone and other wind instruments 
  • Knut Kvifte Nesheim: drums and vibraphone 
  • Egil Kalman: double bass and modular synthesizer 
  • Sigrid Moldestad: fiddle and vocals 
  • Torstein Slåen: guitar and banjo 

Foto: Selvportrett

Eventyrferd (2023)
Taragot Sounds Taragot44  

Camilla Hole

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