The vocal trio Aurom collects timeless traditional songs and brings them into their own Aurom universe. They compose new songs inspired by old repertoire and by the many wonderful vocal traditions from around the world. Their music always has a touch of spontaneity and improvisation. Their arrangements are influenced by the ability of the voice to convey many things without uttering a single word. Their lyrics are inspired by inner conflicts, flickers of ultimate happiness, and the complexities of being human. Aurom released their first album, “Utan å dirre”, on the Nye Nor label in 2021. In 2022 they premiered the concert “Oh, weak mind”, inspired by interpretations of folk tales of being seduced into, or searching for a way into the mountain, into another world. The trio’s second album, “Oh weak mind”, will be released in spring 2024. 

  • Malin Alander: vocals 
  • Guro Utne Salvesen: vocals 
  • Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt: vocals 

Foto: Rakel Elmhjellen Paulsen

Utan å dirre (2021) 

Ingebjørg Lognvik Reinholdt

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