Alexander is one of the foremost Hardanger fiddle players in Norway and has earned the title of master fiddler. At the Norwegian Championship in 2019 he won the elite A class for Hardanger fiddle as well as the king’s trophy. 

His musical expression is based on the traditional Hardanger fiddle repertoire from Hardanger, with Knut Hamre and Anders Kjerland as his foremost ideals. Over many years as a performer, he has developed personal interpretations and thoughts about what he wants to convey through his music. 

His ambitions are to work as a solo performer and to pass on the tradition to the next generations. He also aims to introduce folk music to as many people as possible. Alexander will never cease exploring his tradition and developing his own thoughts about it and his own musical expression—this serves as a powerful motivation to continue working as a musician. 

  • Alexander Aga Røynstrand: Hardanger fiddle
Foto: Knut Utler

Spelarhola (2014)
Ta:lik TA118 

Alexander Aga Røynstrand

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