The folk music trio Gjevre, Odde & Vårdal began playing together in 2017 as a result of several dance performances and jam sessions. All three are experienced folk musicians and love to play both for dancing and for concert audiences. In January 2020 they released the album «Husklugumt«, for which they received a Norwegian Folk Music Award. In 2023 they released their second album, «Vandring«. The trio plays both traditional gammeldans, couple dances, and older folk music repertoire from their local area. They use improvisation as a tool in dance music, which brings a sense of freedom to the music, while it also remains danceable. They are concerned with preserving traditional repertoire while also challenging arrangement techniques and exploring the sounds that can be created by their combination of instruments.  

  • Inge Gjevre: diatonic accordion 
  • Mads Erik Odde: accordion 
  • Vegar Vårdal: fiddles 

Foto: Thomas Mørch

Vandring (2023)
Ta:lik TA266 

Vegar Vårdal

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