Ånon Egeland and Mikael Marín belong to the absolute top tier of Scandinavian traditional music, both with extensive careers, based respectively in Norway and Sweden. Ånon, rooted in Agder fiddle traditions, showcases a distinct playing style, while Mikael has been a part of the legendary trio Väsen, which boasts a global touring career of 30+ years. Serving as inspirations for younger performers, their collaboration is a fresh blend of modernity and tradition. Their unique fusion breathes life into traditional tunes, weaving an intimate dialogue between Hardanger fiddle and viola—a musical conversation between old friends, two legends united. 

  • Ånon Egeland: Hardanger fiddle 
  • Mikael Marín: electric viola 

Foto: Eva Karlsson

Farvel Farvel (2020)
Taragot Sounds Taragot25

Ånon Egeland

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